Updated  07/27/2007

The John Locke Society
of Greater Kansas City

How to use the John Locke Journal Blog



Operation #1 To bring up the blog:

        A. Go to your browser (eg Internet Explorer) 

        B. Type in URL: johnlockejournal.blogspot.com.   You can now read the topics and comments.

        C.  While you are at the home page of the blog, right click and find "Shortcut"  about half way down.  Left click on that and it will put an icon on your desktop.

Click here to go to the blog to read topics or comments



Operation#2 To post a comment:

         A. While you are in the blog (above) click on "Comments".  There will be one after every topic.  There is a little button just to the left of the word "comments".  left click on that.  This will bring up a dialog box which has a place for you to type your comment and it will ask you to sign in with your Google account user name and password.  If you don't already have one, it gives you the option to register for one.  I use my E-Mail address and password.  If you use something else, be sure to write it down.  It will also give you the option to use an arbitratrary name display for your comment.  You could use your name, or you use your E-Mail, or whatever you wish.

         B.  When you have typed your comment and signed in, your comment will be displayed in the comments box after the topic on which you commented.  Click on "comments" to bring this up. 

Click here to go to blog to post a comment



Operation #3 To Post a topic:

        A.  This is a totally separate operation.  Close the blog.

        B.  Go to your browser. 

        C.  Type in URL: www.blogspot.com.  This will take you to the Blog website.  When you get there, right click, find Shortcut and create a desktop icon.

        D.  The only thing you are interested in here is the sign-in box in the upper right of the screen.  You are going to sign-in as if you were John Locke.  The user name is:  johnlockekc@yahoo.com, the password is : journal.   Now the website thinks you are John Locke.  When you have signed in, you will see a screen called Dashboard.  Click on New Post.  This will bring up a screen which has a box for you to type the name of your topic and a bigger box where you can type in the content of your topic.   Along the top of the box are a number of options.  You can select the font, the font color, import an image, create a link and various other things. When you have your topic the way you want it, just click on the "Publish Post"  button which is just below the box, to the left.  When you click on that, your topic will be automatically posted to the Blog. Close the website, you are done.   You do know that click means left click unless otherwise stated.

Click here to go the website to post a topic




    If you want to see the blog screen again  go to operation  #  1.  You can do that quickly by clicking on the Icon on your desktop.  Your topic will be the one on top.  Later topics will be on top of that.  At the end of the day, old topics will be moved to the Archives where they will reside forever or until the Democrats are elected. 






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Updated  07/27/2007