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The John Locke Society
of Greater Kansas City

An Association of Retired Physicians

An Oral History of Medicine in Kansas City


Late News

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        BD15276_.GIF (73 bytes) Bailey Andrus Interview
        BD15276_.GIF (73 bytes) Charles Wheeler Interview
        BD15276_.GIF (73 bytes) Herbert Davis Interview
        BD15276_.GIF (73 bytes) Stanley Friesen Interview
        BD15276_.GIF (73 bytes) Chris Thomas Interview
        BD15276_.GIF (73 bytes) Marjorie Sirridge Interview
        BD15276_.GIF (73 bytes) Marvin Dunn Interview
        BD15276_.GIF (73 bytes) R. Don Blim  Interview

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This is the website for the
Oral History of Medicine project of the John Locke Society.  It has been developed for the purpose of showing Videos.  It has a faster server and broader bandwith than the primary server which is:


Many of our members have interesting tales to relate, some of them true.  It would be a shame not to preserve these for posterity.  The Oral History of Medicine project will be getting around to you.  If you know of an outstanding candidate or if you wish to volunteer your self,  please contact us at:




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